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Shingy, a digital prophet, wants you to be a little less digital

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David Shing
David Shing Credit: Alfred Maskeroni

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You may not have heard of David Shing, but chances are, you know Shingy.

The self-styled "digital prophet" at Oath – the Verizon-owned juggernaut that comprises AOL, Yahoo, the Huffington Post and some 50 media and b-to-b brands – is in Cannes on a mission that seems contrary to what a digital prophet is supposed to do: He wants people to dial down their reliance on their phones. There's too much attendant anxiety, he says. Too much shallow, useless "content" that's making us all miserable.

On this pop-up Cannes-themed edition of the Ad Lib podcast, we caught up with Shingy, who was en route to his keynote address. Here, we discuss tech dependence, Oath, 5G, living a bit more mindfully – and what exactly it is that he does.

Bonus: He also took the time to play a little game we at Ad Age call "Straight fire? Or total crap?" Check out the video above.

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