Welcome to the Sprawl of Advertising Week 2005

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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- The second annual Advertising Week kicks off today and it's even more sprawling than last year.
Photo: Ralph Ginzburg
O. Burtch Drake, president-CEO of Advertising Week and president-CEO of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, meets the press with some colorful friends. Click to see larger photo.

The industry’s latest five-day celebration of itself is fairly bursting at the seams with about 300 events organized by more than 30 trade associations. That’s about 100 more panel discussions, luncheons, dinners, cocktail parties and screenings than last September’s extravaganza. Simply working out the daily map of your schedule can be quite a bewildering chore.

The organizers expect 40,000 attendees or so. It was unclear whether that figure counts Mr. Peanut, Charlie the Tuna and the two dozen or so other ad icons that have been jostling for the title of most popular.

User's guide
A full index of events can be found on the Advertising Week calendar page but here's a quick user's guide to the dizzyingly full schedule:

Monday: The week begins with a heavy dose of surreality with the procession of the icons from Times Square to the Madison Avenue home of DDB, where the top slogan and icon as voted by the public will be revealed. Smart money’s on Juan Valdez. He’s good on the issues and plays well with soccer moms.

Tuesday: In “Creatives on Broadway,” Alex Bogusky, Lee Clow and David Lubars are on the set of “Wicked.”

Juan Valdez is a heavy favorite in the vote for the most popular brand icon of the year.
There are intimations that there will be singing and dancing. Be afraid. Be very afraid ... and then go to the nontraditional agency cage to watch Strawberry Frog’s Scott Goodson, Taxi’s Paul LaVoie and Anomaly’s Ernest Lupinacci have a catfight over who is more media-neutral. Smart money’s on LaVoie.

Wednesday: David Verklin’s speaking as part of the Infinity Innovators. We hear he has a way with words.

Thursday: The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart will finally find out if there really are subjects that are so outlandish as to be immune to parody. He’s doing a panel with Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter and Men's Health editor David Zinczenko.

Friday: Slim pickings. Get back to work.

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