Beyonce Asks 180,000 to Sing Happy Birthday to Steve Stoute

Pop Star Helps Marketing Mogul Celebrate Another Year During Glastonbury Festival

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Beyonce's 90-minute set that closed out the Glastonbury music fest this past weekend has gotten some seriously impressive reviews from Rolling Stone, the Guardian and beyond, but what none of them mention is that she took time out to sing happy birthday to ... wait for it ... an advertising exec.

Bey stopped the show and asked the crowd to help her wish happy birthday to her friend Steve Stoute, the head of New York-based marketing firm Translation. The tribute was reported by one U.K.-based website, TaleTela, which called it a "moment reminiscent to Marilyn Monroe singing happy birthday to the president." Viacom has pulled the content down, but we found it via a Chinese upload. See it below.

It's not every day that an exec in the ad business gets this sort of attention from a celebrity, but Mr. Stoute has become tight with both Beyonce and her husband, Jay -Z, over the years, working with them on branded-entertainment deals. He brokered the deal between Beyonce and Tommy Hilfiger to launch her own fragrance, and has worked with Jay -Z on endorsements for Reebok, among other celebs.

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