Want to Work for Marcus Thomas? Bring a Scooby Snack

Cleveland Agency's Recruitment Efforts Go to the Dogs

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Cleveland-based dog-friendly ad agency Marcus Thomas is on the hunt for a human-resources recruiter. But traditional advertising -- and even social-media efforts -- aren't attracted the sort of folks the agency is looking for. So it decided to have a little fun and make a "canine recruitment video." Now look, I'm sure Sonny the Golden Retriever is a great pet and companion, but I'm not so sure about his acting chops. But that's okay. The agency is apparently filling 15 positions and will use 15 other dogs in each one. How? According to the shop, "dogs are allowed all day, every day, everywhere, and there are usually at least a half dozen on premises." Pretty cool, but if I wanted an animal screening potential employees, I'd bet a cat would be harder to bribe.

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