Blamer Creates Extranormal-Style Video That Mocks Agencies

Some Shops Will Promise Anything in a Pitch

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At a time when search consultants' business has dwindled thanks to more and more marketers choosing to run their own reviews, one has taken to doing a bit of marketing of its own.

The Blamer Partnership -- which is based in New Mexico and run by outspoken former agency executive Steve Blamer -- has begun creating content in the form of YouTube videos. "It can't be about white papers all the time," the consultancy said in an email sent out today. "You've got to have a little fun sometimes."

The fun, in this case, is being made at the expense of agencies.

In a video made by Gregory McMullen, Mr. Blamer's former colleague at Grey , a make-believe client and agency have a conversation that portrays the marketing executive, from the "Tiki Taco Grill," as down-to-earth and reasonable, while a chief creative officer at "Big Ideas Plus " is painted as snooty, overpaid and unwilling to get his hands dirty to learn the ropes on the client's business. (There's also a bit of typecasting going on; the creative is a skinny-tie-wearing Brit named Simon Brown).

The idea behind the video is that many promises are made to marketers that are never met.

Have a watch and tell us what you think in the comments. Does this conversation hit close to home, or is it way over-the-top?

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