Is Fox's Cleatus a Frustrated Poet at Heart?

NFL Robot Gets Treated to Some Fan Fiction

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This might be one of the stranger things we've come across on the web this week (thanks, Awl!) It's a little collection of stories trying to imagine the inner life of Cleatus, that big, dancing, finger-pointing CGI robot NFL fans watching Fox are treated to every week. (You can follow Cleatus on Twitter, by the way.)

Here's a sample from one of the offerings, written by author Claire Zulkey, whose initial intrigue kicked off the project.

After graduating high school, Cleatus yearned to attend the University of Iowa to get his degree in poetry, but unfortunately, he was built to promote football, and went straight to the pros. . . . Cleatus would rather be composing sonnets back in the Midwest in a small snow-covered house, a cat-android on his cold metal lap, but this is the life he is doomed to. The next time you compose a haiku, dedicate it to poor Cleatus.
If any Ad Age reader has thoughts on the inner life of Cleatus, feel free to let us know. Or, as Claire suggests, compose a haiku in his honor.
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