The Gloves Are On This Week at the BMW's Museum

For Five Euros, Attendees Can Touch the Merchandise

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It's likely too late to book a trip to Munich that gets us there by Friday, which means that , once again, we'll miss the Night of the White Gloves.

Sounds like a operatic event? Not quite. At BMW, the marketing folks apparently think a test drive to the Munich equivalent of the local Dunkin' Donuts isn't enough for most potential customers. So the Bavarians are staging their annual Night of the White Gloves -- there, we've said it again -- on Black Friday when Germans, who presumably don't go holiday shopping, are invited to the plush BMW museum.

Once there, each attendee "will don a pair of white gloves and then be allowed to stroke all the cars they are normally only permitted to caress with their eyes."

A BMW statement goes on to explain that the classics on display, including cars, motorcycles and engines, rarely get caressed except by their caretakers.

"This is now the fourth time that we are staging this special evening at which visitors are granted an opportunity to experience the 95-year-old history of the BMW brand not just first-hand, but literally hands-on," said Dr. Ralf Rodepeter, head of the BMW Museum.

Admission is five Euros, about $7.50, or you could go instead to a nearby stube and buy a half-liter of Spatenbrau.

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