Heineken Goes With Longneck Bottles -- Except in U.S.

Squat-necked Bottles Preferred by American Import Drinkers

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Heineken is ditching its familiar shortneck bottle across the globe -- everywhere that is, except for the United States.

The new bottle, which will debut in Western Europe early next year, has a longer neck that has a slight indentation where the Heineken name is displayed vertically. But Heineken USA is sticking with the shortneck because it wanted to differentiate the import from U.S. domestic beers, which tend to come in longnecks, said spokeswoman Tara Carraro.

"We tested the new longneck bottle in the US but our current bottle is so iconic that it was preferred," she said.

Amsterdam-based Heineken, which sells beer in more than 70 countries, launched the redesign after an intensive study.

"We have looked at each and every packaging detail to ensure our sophisticated consumers feel a subtle but significant difference," Mark van Iterson, Heineken's manager for global design and concept, said in a statement.

The new bottle replaces the shortneck and extra long neck styles that are sold internationally. The brewer says the switch will help it achieve greater supply chain efficiencies.

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