Please Don't Let Huffington Post See This Business Model

Company Would Like to Charge You for Posting the Content They Stole

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Sure, Huffington Post may have set the gold standard on the sort of aggregation by which a site lifts so much of a story that the reader has no need to bother with clicking through to the original. But at least HuffPo (sometimes) credits its sources, (half-heartedly) rewrites the piece and then throws you a bone by including a link.

But that 's not how LatinVision rolls. This particular blog simply copied and pasted 10 paragraphs of a 13 paragraph story. Took the headline and the art, too. But they did at least throw in a link for those who'd be interested in reading the last three paragraphs.

What kind of sleuthing did Ad Age have to engage in to discover this pernicious copyright infringement? None! Because LatinVision Media told us what it had done. But wait, there's more. The company, in essence, did us this favor, this one time, for free. If we're reading the following email correctly, in the future we'll have to pay to have our content swiped and posted onto a Blogspot blog:

We have posted your news in our site. See here:

And promoted it in our Social Medias:

We are one of the largest Hispanic Business Networks servicing the US Hispanics and Latin American Business Community. And we welcome your company to join our news services by posting unlimited news and press releases for $159 a year including exposure on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Maybe this is how publishing will be saved. Excuse me, I've got to go email an exciting offer to The New York Times.
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