The Next Logical Step in Real-Time Marketing: Reactvertising

Don't Just Stand There Thinking, Create Some Content Already

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It all started with an Oreo tweet in the Super Bowl -- and it hasn't moved much beyond that. But real-time marketing is still all the rage. Or at least it's something advertising people like to run around saying, along with "paradigms," "concepting" and "big data" (along with the all-too common misuse of "mediums" as a plural for medium).

But one agency has said enough with boring, old and slow real-time marketing. It's time to evolve -- or perhaps evolute -- real-time into the next big thing. So Toronto-based shop John St., the agency that brought us Catvertising, is introducing Reactvertising.

"It's not about being funny or smart. It's about being fast," says one of the agency's 2,800 new speedwriters in this promotional video. "So now we just write whatever pops into our heads."

Or, put another way: "By ignoring old school 'thinking' paradigms in favor of 'reactivism,' John St. is creating compelling content for its clients in seconds."

And John St. should know! According to one client testimonial in the video, "there's no one better at not thinking than these guys."

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