NFL Player's Union Goes After CBS

Wants Network to Air Its Spot About Impending Labor Lockout

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For those of you keeping score: CBS, 1. NFLPA, 0.

The 30-second spot, which can be seen on the union's YouTube channel, is intended to pressure CBS into airing the original ad, which was to appear on the CBS College Sports Network on Feb. 5 during the NFLPA All-Star Game.

The 'Let It Air' ad uses bits and pieces of the 'Let Us Play' spot, with a voiceover saying, "It's the biggest week in sports. The biggest game of the year. On the world's grandest stage. Millions are responding to our message. But some don't want you to hear from us," and with that an image of an office building with the lights on in one of the offices goes dark. It was created by New Media Strategies, Arlington, Va.

"The NFLPA may not have the largest budget or media machine, but we are committed to having the players' voices heard," said George Atallah, assistant executive director-for the union.

But it seems to us the media machine is working just fine, thank you, and doesn't need any more from us. So we'll skip the play by play from here on in.

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