Beverage Association Ad Cites CDC; Bloomberg Declares 'Doughnut Day'

Proclamation Unveiled Along With One-Foot Entenmann's Doughnuts

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American Beverage Association ad

American Beverage Association ad

On Thursday, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg declared war on soda and other sugary drinks. On Friday, the Nanny in Chief will proclaim "Doughnut Day."

Large sodas may kill you quicker than the Ebola virus, but a 1-foot-in-diameter doughnut just means more delicious goodness for everyone.

Or, as New York Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs put it: "The celebratory events, the naming days in honor of individuals or items, or frivolities that are fun and ... are quite distinct from a public-health agenda."

Meanwhile, the American Beverage Association is taking out a full page ad in Friday papers quoting CDC research about soda-related obesity. Among other things, the ad states: "The facts make it clear -- beverage calories and added sugars have decreased for more than a decade, while the CDC reports obesity rates continue to climb."

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