Sprint Pitches Roundabout Fit About AT&T, T-Mobile Deal

Ad for Sprint-Owned Virgin Mobile Doesn't Pull Any Punches

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In a spot launching today, Sprint is taking a roundabout way to pitch its latest fit against AT&T's $39 billion bid for T-Mobile.

Virgin Mobile's takest on T-Mobile in its latest spot 'Party'
Virgin Mobile's takest on T-Mobile in its latest spot 'Party'

While Sprint has run print ads against the merger under its own brand, this time it's using a brand it acquired a few years back, Virgin Mobile, for something a bit more, um, bitchy.

Holding no punches, Virgin Mobile has created its own version of T-Mobile's always pink, always chipper spokesgirl who takes no time to diss her potential new parent in the commercial. After a hip Virgin Mobile couple (yes, even this brand has its own technology-embodied-by -some-person approach) calls the usual white-background setting of such commercials boring, the fake T-Mobile girl responds: "And imagine us being taken over by AT&T, who's last in customer satisfaction."

Take a look yourself below, but warning: If you can't stand the real T-Mobile girl, click away as fast as you can.

"T-Mobile has anointed itself as the value leader in wireless," Bob Stohrer, VP-marketing for Virgin Mobile USA, said in a statement. "Yet they've conveniently left Virgin Mobile out of their comparison set, so we're crashing their party. No matter how you dress their plans up, they're no match for Virgin Mobile's no-contract, Unlimited Data offering at $35/month coupled with Android-powered phones like the new Motorola Triumph."

Right, right, it's about selling more data plans. Except that Sprint has also been arguably the most vocal opponent of the deal since it was announced this spring. Of course, it has reason to be unhappy. Sprint, the third-largest wireless carrier, would remain in that position if the deal goes through but would fall to a more-distant No. 3 by market share. (The Federal Communications Commission and Justice Department are still evaluating the deal and various congressional members have been chiming in to support or not.)

The offending spot was created by indie shop Mother , New York, which Virgin Mobile named agency of record last summer.

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