Video: Tony Hawk to Judge This Year's Wrath of Cannes

Entrants Will Design Campaign for Skateboarder's Company

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Perhaps you've heard of The Wrath of Cannes, the "bitter response to the self-congratulating, glad-handing, marblebag-wearing, Dom-swilling, bronzer-slathered soirees that fester up on the beach in Cannes."

The brainchild of New York-based agency WWD&S and now in its fifth year, the contest provides an outlet for students, junior freelancers and, well, the types of creatives who can't get anywhere near Cannes for various reasons. Instead of France, they get to whoop it up at Cha Cha's Club Atlantis on the boardwalk in Coney Island (that 's in Brooklyn, for those of you who don't know).

But there are some rather substantial changes this year.

Instead of just showing up with a thumb drive of random work, all entrants are being given a brief. The assignment? Create a campaign for Tony Hawk's Birdhouse skateboard company. And whatever form this campaign takes, entrants are told, specifically not to "cop the typical category approach of a print ad and a performance video." Indeed, "Tony Hawk has nearly 1 million Facebook fans and 2 million Twitter followers," but "he does not have 1 to 2 million dollars to spend on your campaign."

And entrants should pay attention to what Tony Hawk and the other execs at Birdhouse think. Because Tony Hawk and the gang at Birdhouse are among the judges this year. In fact, here's a video of Tony Hawk announcing the contest.

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Tony Hawk's introduction of the Wrath of Cannes.

The lucky winner will get $1,500 and other assorted goodies -- and, possibly, an internship at WWD&S and a chance to produce the actual campaign.

Oh, and the winner will also get his or her name engraved on the Grand Coney, which is by far the best advertising trophy ever.

The show is being held June 23. Deadline for entries is June 17.

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