Don't Even Ask Me About Turkeytizing

Publicity Stunt Should Be Dragged Out In Back and Beheaded

By Published on .

Undoubtedly, some news outfit or another is going to bite on the press release today announcing something called "turkeytizing" -- or advertising messages put on turkeys. It's the "first of its kind" -- but only if you ignore previous advertising messages on eggs and potato chips.

This? This is just an attempt to drum up publicity for something called Offlining, an effort to get people to put down all those annoying tech gadgets and have a civilized dinner (by sending e-cards and updating your Twitter and Facebook status). The turkeys are a way to thank those who've taken the pledge. That's right. Put down those annoying phones and iPads and Gameboys and STARE AT THE AD MESSAGE ON THE CENTERPIECE OF YOUR THANKSGIVING TABLE!*

*Oh, wait. Apparently the ad is on a hang-tag hung on the turkey leg.

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