Checking-in From a Poang Chair, Ikea Has a Good Week on Foursquare

Ad Age's Exclusive Ranking of Retail Check-ins

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I started my new year in an Ikea foodcourt, snacking on a cinnamon roll. I thought, "I should check-in on foursquare, and let every know how long my resolution lasted." Clearly I was not alone since the world's largest allen wrench purveyor (#madeupstat) showed a 74% jump in weekly check-ins to push back into the top 10. The other 13,921 might have been there for a rare sale and free food for the kiddies. The top markets were Washington D.C., Orlando, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston. If Ikea had named Foursquare, what would they have called it?

Our Top 10 Foursquare "check-in" chart that tracks how major brand merchants are faring in the exploding Location-Based Services (LBS) space. We're producing this exclusive chart with our editorial partner Trendrr, the real-time business intelligence tracking service that was created by New York digital agency Wiredset.

This chart is updated each Monday morning and reflects the 7-day period ending Sunday night at midnight Eastern Time.

Here's the rest of the top 10.

1 Starbucks Starbucks 146,865 5%
2 <a href='' class='directory_entry' title='Ad Age Directory'>McDonald's</a> McDonald's 54,825 14%
3 <a href='  -corp/283' class='directory_entry' title='Ad Age Directory'>Target  </a> Target 42,009 14%
4 <a href='' class='directory_entry' title='Ad Age Directory'>Walmart</a> Walmart 39,570 9%
5 <a href='' class='directory_entry' title='Ad Age Directory'>Apple</a> Apple 21,953 7%
6 Best Buy Best Buy 21,543 14%
7 Ikea Ikea 13,922 74%
8 Costco Costco 13,288 4%
9 Burger King Burger King 11,482 17%
10 Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble 10,416 6%

For more about Trendrr, take the Trendrr tour. Questions about this chart? Please e-mail Matt Carmichael and follow @adagestat on Twitter.

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