Bud Light Dares You to Meet Ted Ferguson

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Bud Light
Bud Light "Ted Ferguson"
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Say hello to Bud Light's newest pitchman—if you've got the guts. Stuntman extraordinaire Ted Ferguson certainly has plenty of those, and the slightly out-of-shape professional thrill seeker proves it in a series of cheeky TV spots and a micro site that goes "Under the Helmet" for an in-depth look at what makes Ted tick. Fueled by a thirst for the famous light beer, Ted puts his body on the line in the TV spots, performing such death-defying stunts as listening to his girlfriend or staying in the office two minutes past 5:00 on a Friday. And if that isn't treacherous enough for you, the site is stocked with a series of six longer webisodes that detail the life and times of Bud Light's helmet-donning daredevil.
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