Honda "Best Friends"and "Purpose"

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Kudos to Rubin Postaer, which followed the inspired tracks of "Cog" with fresh ideas and creative vigor. "Purpose" accentuates the importance of each part of the Element via Lego-like effects. "Best Friends," one of the year's most startling gems, takes the well-tread man-resembles-pet concept for a monumental twist, applying it to drivers and their wheels via quiet, split-screen comparisons. Hard to imagine this could actually fly, but it does so purringly under the artful restraint of VW's "Squares" director Malcolm Venville.

Agency: Rubin Postaer & Associates CDs: David Smith, Joe Baratelli ("Purpose") CW: Camille Csze AD: Nathan Crow Agency Producer: Julie Dolson Director: Roman Coppola/Directors Bureau Editor: Ben Longland/Rock Paper Scissors Effects: Sway, A52 Music: Rob Lopez/Hum ("Best Friends") CW: David Smith AD: Joe Baratelli Agency Producer: Brian Donnelly Director: Malcolm Venville/Anonymous Editor: Rick Lawley/ Whitehouse Music: Alan Steinberger/Hum

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