Advertising Week 2014

Multi-Screen Advertising Flourishing in Sports

Watch ESPN EVP John Kosner Talk About the Future of Multiscreen Campaigns

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At Thursday's Future of Digital Sports Media panels during Advertising Week, the topic of abundance kept coming up: the ever-expanding array of content platforms and networks, a national appetite for live sports programming that shows no signs of satiation, and the rapidly diversifying marketplace of ad opportunities for brands and corporate partners.

Sports digital media, the consensus said, is in full bloom, a state of affairs that makes multi-screen, multiplatform campaigns more important than ever.

John Kosner, ESPN's exec VP-print and digital media, told the audience that 70% of ESPN's digital ad inventory is sold in conjunction with ads appearing in another format like TV or magazine, and it is getting closer and closer to delivering a multi-channel ad experience that reaches its registered users on all of their devices. "You'll see a lot more of that from us in the next year," Mr. Kosner said.

After his one-on-one chat with ESPN sports business analyst Darren Rovell wrapped, Ad Age asked Mr. Kosner what the future of multi-screen advertising would look like.

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