A Look Back at Kaplan Thaler's Best Work

Following News of a Merger With Publicis, New York, See a Roundup of the Agency's Creative Goodness

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Agency Kaplan Thaler Group merged with sibling Publicis, New York today. The two offices will move into a single office in New York early next year, and going forward will be called Publicis Kaplan Thaler. Creativity rounded up some of the best work from the agency over the past few years.

Aflac: "Pitching In"
Aflac not only pitches in with the bills but sends the Aflac Duck to help feed the children and pick up groceries.

Dawn Dish Detergent: "Dawn Saves Wildlife"
Dawn not only washes dishes but saves animals after oil spills.

Wendy's : "You Know When It's Real"
Wendy's highlights real results when it comes to firing up fans and sparking social engagement.

Toys R' Us: "Toys R' Us Kid"
Why would anyone want to grow up when they can be a Toys R' Us kid and have a signature jingle?

Herbal Essences: "Elevator"
A woman is urged to "be on time" but decides to stop the elevator and start a foam party while washing her hair.

Trojan: "Evolve"
It's best to use a condom like Trojan; otherwise, it's like having relations with swine.

Swiffer: "Nerd Girls"
Swiffer's 2-in-1 mop attracts mud and dirt, the nerdy ones.

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