What's the Ad Industry Listening To? Find Out With Resonate

Spotify, Ad Age Partner to Catalog Adland's Music Tastes

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What's the most popular song at Starcom USA? How about Universal McCann? Or Droga5?


Ad Age and Spotify have launched Resonate to let the ad industry sort through what agencies, marketers and media companies -- and the tastemakers who work there -- are listening to. Resonate, which was designed and built by Portland-based The Brigade, will also track and visualize the trends around their listening habits, from favorite artists and most popular songs to genres and tempos.

Here are five things you can do with Resonate, plus how to join.

Be part of your company's playlist.

By participating in Resonate, you'll start contributing to your company's top tracks. Soon, Ad Age will begin featuring playlists of the most popular songs at specific companies in its Friday Agency Buzz newsletter. Make sure you're weighing in.

Explore what your advertising colleagues are listening to -- and build out your own profile. Check out the visual designer for HTC who's listening to Frightened Rabbit; or the production head at Barton F. Graf 9000, who's listening to Tame Impala. You can browse Resonate users by company or job type (creative, strategy, marketing, etc.) and see whose music profiles most closely match yours.

Compare listening trends between your company and a competitor across town -- or the country. When you sign up with Resonate we note who you work for. Resonate then aggregates the listening habits of everyone at that firm and creates an aggregate look at its music taste. Visit any company's page and select the "Company Compare" graph type to contrast top listens at different agencies and media companies. How do the most popular artists at, say, Brunner, which has offices in D.C., Atlanta and Pittsburgh, compare to 77 Digital, which is based in Costa Rica? Or who's popular with Interpublic Group (hint: Bob Marley) versus The Media Kitchen (Maroon 5)?

Understand how your listening habits change throughout the day. Resonate has partnered with The Echo Nest, a music-data company that uses machine learning and signal processing technologies to help developers understand music data. It's parsing the data around the songs you listen to on Resonate so you can see how your music-listening tempo changes throughout the day, how diverse your tastes are, and your level of musical adventurousness or "mainstreamness."

Explore the questions section to see what songs other Resonate users enjoy as a pick-me-up, guilty pleasure or to inspire creativity. We'll regularly be asking Resonate users to identify the songs that get them going, inspire them, make them think of certain times of their lives and just generally love. Use Resonate to uncover new music and find new recommendations.

To join Resonate:

1.Sign up for a Spotify account if you don't already have one and connect your Spotify profile with Facebook.

2.Head over to Resonatewith.me and log in with Facebook.

3.Start filling out your profile by sharing where you work, what you do and answering a few of the music-related questions -- we'll be posting new ones every week.

4.Explore your listening habits -- and those of others in the industry.

And if you have questions, check out the FAQ.

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