Agency Tattoo: Greta Mantooth

Associate Design Director, Deutsch, L.A.

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Greta Mantooth, associate design director at Deutsch L.A., calls herself a "grandmas' girl." She was extremely close to both her grandmothers and decided to memorialize them in floral tattoos. The poppies are from a vintage brooch given to her by her grandma Dolores; peonies grew abundantly in her step-grandmother's garden; and "Johnny Jump-ups" were violet-like weeds in her "grammy's" front yard. "Ironically, they'd probably cringe at my getting a tattoo, but I know they got a kick out of me, their 'artsy' girl.'

To create the tattoos, she scored vintage textbooks for botanical drawings and made a mood board. She tapped "boss lady tattoo artist" Alison Casson to create the drawing and composition."She made it 100% more special," she said. Ms. Casson has also inked Greta's husband an co-worker Ben Majoy.

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