Hundreds of U.S. Creatives Seek 'The Great Trump Escape' in Sweden

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Credit: Round & Round

Canada isn't the only option if you're considering re-locating from the U.S. to a country where Donald Trump won't be president. There's another friendly place in a chilly climate: Sweden.

Stockholm agency Round & Round set up "The Great Trump Escape" recruitment website for U.S.-based creatives to capitalize on reports that one in four Americans would consider leaving the country if he won the election.

At "The Great Trump Escape" site, U.S. creatives interested in working for Swedish brands they've probably never heard of like Fjällräven and IZettle can learn more about Sweden and upload their portfolios -- which were to be opened if Trump won. The agency wasn't necessarily expecting that to happen, and in fact admonished on the site "Get your shit together, America."

"We have got close to 350 talented people looking for a possible way out," Andreas Ullenius, executive creative director and co-founder of year-old advertising and PR agency Round & Round, said in an email the day after the election. "We are the lead agency for a bunch of Swedish brands (IKANO bank, Fjällräven, IZettle, BjörnBorg) with a global presence and really need more English speaking creatives and writers. So I guess what's good for us is bad for the rest of the world. And I would love for it to be the opposite. So [this is] unfortunately one of our most successful campaigns."

The site describes what's good about Sweden (not chocolate and watches, that's Switzerland), including long maternity leaves, five-week vacations and decent healthcare. At Round & Round specifically, creatives can expect awesome Fridays that include no client meetings and a group lunch. Applicants take note: Fjällräven is an outdoor hiking and camping gear brand and IZettle is a Swedish mobile payments company.

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