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The agency formerly known as T.A.G. continued to do the near impossible in 2010: create video game work that's edgy enough for a visually maxed-out category yet that still feels smart and appealing. The creators of the Halo 3 Believe blockbuster turned out the biggest campaign yet for the XBox franchise, Remember Reach. The campaign, for Halo prequel Reach, revolved around the story of a destroyed planet and the warriors of Noble Team. It kicked off with a Noam Murro-directed stunner, Birth of a Spartan and encompassed live action narrative and an AKQA-created online experience which allowed web viewers to control a real robot. Reaching $200 million in 24 hours, Reach was the biggest game in Microsoft's history.

The agency stretched further beyond ads with a six-part series called Bright Falls, which served as the prequel to XBox title Alan Wake and a major social-media driven campaign for Microsoft's Kin phone. To answer the question, are your social media friends really friends, the Kin Journey campaign followed a real Facebook user on her mission to meet her online mates in person. The campaign resonated with Kin's target market, and in fact proved much more well-conceived, and significantly more successful than the still-born phone itself. Meanwhile, the agency's launch campaign for Microsoft's controller-free gaming system Kinect got out of the way and showed pan-demographic gamers in action. The shop also created a multi-media, social good-leaning campaign for Nescafe in Mexico. Look for 215's storytelling flair to translate into new content ventures in 2011 and beyond.

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