Creativity Innovators Of The Year2013: R/GA

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R/GA has gone through many an evolution since it was founded in 1977. Under the leadership of its beret-wearing, future-minded chairman Bob Greenberg, it has morphed from a stellar movie title shop, to a digital studio, to major digital advertising player and now, an all-in-one full-service agency, product developer and consultancy.

Following its success with Nike Fuelband, R/GA pulled off another massive Nike feat-the overhaul of Nike's online presence with the award-winning OneNike. The platform unified the entire Nike story--everything from products, shopping, campaigns, services and inspiration--and 70 different digital properties into a singular, integrated ecosystem that works globally, across multiple devices.

Other ideas proved transformative for brands' business. The agency brought beauty shopping into the future with a new website for L'Oreal that brought complete personalization to customers across multiple devices. It also made the daily commute a lot more exciting for makeup shoppers with the "Intelligent Color Experience," an interactive shopping kiosk at New York's Bryant Park that could analyze customers' outfit and give makeup recommendations based on their attire. Even more important, shoppers could buy the goods on site.

L'Oreal: Intelligent Shopping Experience
L'Oreal: Intelligent Shopping Experience

R/GA also created a unique digital marketing tool for, of all things, a CPG brand, spice manufacturer McCormick. The agency created Flavorprint, and algorithm-based tool that does for flavor and food planning what Netflix and Pandora do for Movie and music. The service uses an algorithm to measure the flavors within ingredients and recipes and can help customers identify recipes they will like.

And while the digital innovation continued, in 2013 R/GA came full-circle and returned to its filmic roots with a big push into broadcast. The agency teamed with Cheil on a massive soccer-themed campaign promoting Samsung's Galaxy mobile devices. It featured a series of cryptic, sci-fi themed films that pit famous football heroes as the defenders of an earth under threat of alien invasion. According to Mr. Greenberg, the campaign, created alongisde Cheil, was a concerted effort between the agency's New York, L.A. and San Francisco offices."We are going from the web, to mobile, to social, to TV," he said. "It's the opposite of the traditional agencies, and there's no digital agency that can produce quality storytelling consistently across multiple offices."

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