Coldwell Banker Promotes 'X-Men: Apocalypse' With Listing for Professor X's Mansion

Real Estate Firm Ties New Campaign to Upcoming Movie

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Coldwell Banker Real Estate partners with 20th Century Fox.
Coldwell Banker Real Estate partners with 20th Century Fox. Credit: Coldwell Banker Real Estate

Even mutants can find a home with Coldwell Banker Real Estate. The Madison, N.J.-based company is using its superpowers to partner with 20th Century Fox on a marketing campaign around the new "X-Men: Apocalypse" film, which will be released May 27.

Kicking off April 21, this is a first-time collaboration for Coldwell Banker, which was founded in 1906, though the real estate firm has focused on an integrated partnership approach in recent years, according to Sean Blankenship, who joined as chief marketing officer three years ago.

"Anybody can just [buy media,]" he said. "What we do best is when we're at our core essence of the brand, which is the emotional aspect of home and when we can fit a partner into the excitement and lifestyle and emotion of what home means, it seems to work really well."

Coldwell Banker has previously participated in marketing efforts with Major League Baseball and Adopt-a-Pet, both of which are ongoing.

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The X-Men campaign will run through the end of June. It includes two 30-second and one 15-second spot which will air on NBC and online. One commercial states, "After a long-day of saving the world, it's nice to come home."

Coldwell Banker has also put together a mock, two-minute-long listing and virtual tour for Professor X's mansion, which is fictionally located in upstate New York but was actually filmed at a set in Montreal. The listing plays up the mansion's 24 bedrooms and tricked-out basement. A staff writer for the film also produced back stories about the house from the perspective of several different X-Men characters—those profiles will live online.

"We've taken this deep with everything about the X-Men franchise," said Mr. Blankenship.

Coldwell Banker worked with Siltanen & Partners, the firm's long-time agency of record, on the creative aspects of the campaign, while CooperKatz handled PR duties.

Mr. Blankenship declined to specify the company's marketing budget. Coldwell Banker spent $42.6 million on measured media in the U.S. last year, according to Kantar Media. The company's other partnership campaigns have been successful for both parties involved. A spring 2015 effort with Adopt-a-pet resulted in the adoption of 20,000 rescue animals, Mr. Blankenship said.

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