Axe Anarchy Is Brand's First Fragrance to Target Women Too

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The "Axe effect" now comes in double-strength with the launch of a new fragrance -- Axe Anarchy -- that is available in versions for men and women. BBH London has created a global campaign called "Unleash the Chaos" which dramatizes the remarkable attractions unleashed when both sexes are wearing Axe.

Anarchy is the first Axe fragrance to be available in a women's version, after many years of popularizing the "Axe effect" with young men. The Unilever brand has created many hilarious, often award-winning, commercials around the world to persuade young men that the product makes them irresistible to women. The company, apparently testing Axe's potential among women, says this is a limited-edition product.

The TV spot, called "The Chain," shows a world where outrageous lust causes men and women to take leave of their senses, and the mayhem that results.

In response to their irresistible attractions, a waiter drops his plates, a man jumps off a moving motorcycle, a nurse abandons a wheelchair-bound patient, and a boy knocks over a flaming barbecue. The consequences are broken plates, smashed store windows, mass traffic accidents and an urban fire, all set to the sound of Elvis Presley dreamily singing "Can't Help Falling in Love."

In a second spot, a female cop chases a male robber until they finally come together thanks to their mutual "Axe effect".

The campaign for the Unilever brand includes digital, social and out-of-home media, expanding on the chaos that is sparked when men and women are so irresistibly attracted to one another.

BBH has also developed two Facebook applications as part of the campaign. The "Anarchy Matchmaker" invites people to select Facebook friends they fancy and then notifies them -- although it only makes the exchange public if the attraction proves to be mutual. The other app, "Kissing Chaos," invites people to post photos of themselves in kissing poses, and then randomly matches them up with other participants.

David Kolbusz, a creative director at BBH, said in a statement, "When we set about exploring what the world would be like with an Axe for him and an Axe for her, we started by dialing up the romance…Romance at the expense of all else became a descent into chaos."

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