Big Sister

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The first round of commercials for free ISP NetZero featured retro-styled scenes of McCarthyite hearings where "Defenders of the Free World" are attacked for daring to give away the Internet for free. The latest spots, which debuted on Christmas Day, get back to the future with urban gloom presided over by an omnipresent "cybergirl," part Lara Croft, part Tank Girl. In the Marcus Nispel-directed "Ropeline," she appears on blimps and buildings and cellphones, flickering in a manner apt to her electronic essence. Click3x/Los Angeles provided this altered state, texturing her appearance, compositing and resizing her into various media with Henry and Inferno. The effects shop also composited much of the surrounding dankness, and even the blimp, in a spot that is up to a few dozen layers deep. Now, if we could just get them to work on that woman.

Client: NetZero Agency: Robert Chandler & Partners Director: Marcus Nispel FX: Click3x/Los Angeles Producer (for Click3x): Richard Mann Henry/Inferno: Craig Price, Elliot Jobe, Michael Peterson, Brian Shneider.

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