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KEEP YOUR ADS IN FLUX: Don't rely on a single instance of creative to support your Web advertising effort. Web users may visit many sites, and may move back and forth through a single site many times. It's highly likely they'll see your ad more than once. Frequency alone appears to have relatively little impact on click-rate -- after the first 3-4 exposures of the same creative, a reader who hasn't clicked yet isn't very likely to, ever. This is much less the case if your creative changes. Most major online advertisers now submit multiple banners to each site they run with, so that multiple exposures of the same campaign can rotate through different creative. It's hard to overstate the importance of creative -- on the PC World site, we've seen click-rate differentials of up to 350% between different creative treatments of the same product ad. (Submitted by Scott Danish, director of marketing, PC World Online.)
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