A measured glance

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At the Shopper Insights In Action Conference July 11-14 in Chicago, Tobii Technology, a Stockholm-based company that markets eye-tracking and control technology, debuted its Tobii Glasses, a first-of-its-kind, optical tracking system to aid commercial, scientific and government researchers in obtaining greater insight into individuals' personal reactions and experiences within natural environments. “The applications of this product are virtually endless and could include anything from understanding buyer prefer-ences to learning about gaze in playing sports, attending live events or operating mobile devices or machinery,” said Tom Englund, exec VP-analysis solutions at Tobii. With the look and feel of modern eyewear, Tobii Glasses require minimal training and calibration time, according to Tobii. Human behaviors can be monitored while shopping, reading an advertisement, at restaurants, on city streets or inside cars, said Barbara Barclay, Tobii North America's general manager. Marketers interested in reserving budget space for these shades can expect to drop around $45,000, which includes a data collection device and Tobii Studio analysis software.
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