BtoB's Best Marketers: Laurie Tucker, FedEx Corp.

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Laurie Tucker this year is squarely focused on integrating FedEx Corp.'s advertising and marketing efforts across every channel possible. The company has, of course, launched integrated marketing efforts previously; but, she said, it is taking the concept to a new level. “If it was available as a channel, we did our very best to integrate it,” she said. For example, part of the company's “Solutions That Matter” campaign promoted its golf club shipping box and service via TV spots that ran during the FedEx Cup (the PGA Tour's seasonlong points competition) and also used print ads, social media and a popular mobile app. “We were able to target some very specific audiences and understand where we were getting the highest response,” Tucker said, noting that the campaign exceeded its goal of influencing $5 million in revenue in its first year. FedEx has expanded its measurement capabilities, allowing it to identify and act on specific campaign results in a more aggressive way. “With everybody's budgets being challenged today, if you can't prove it, you don't get to keep it,” she said. “Solutions That Matter” has a focus on integration and measurement, using various media to communicate the message that FedEx is committed to what its customers care about most—reliability, growing their business and being good global citizens, Tucker said. The effort included a Facebook page that allowed visitors to upload a photo of themselves onto a virtual tree (triggering a donation by FedEx to the Arbor Day Foundation), and promotions in FedEx Office stores. While the company has pushed forward with social and mobile marketing, Tucker said traditional media is still a critical part of FedEx's marketing mix. “We can't abandon traditional channels and only go toward the new ones,” she said. “That's a huge learning that we have quantitatively proven.” Just as important as integrating campaigns, however, is making them relevant to the target audience. “The old belief was if you could pump up the amount of dollars you're spending, your share of voice, that you would absolutely capture more revenue, more market share,” Tucker said. “But the variable you want to pump up is relevance.”
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