BtoB's Best: TV Spot: General Electric Co.

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Agency: BBDO, New York Campaign name: “Brilliant Machines/Agent of Good” Launch date: April 2013 Why we liked it: The Agent Smith character from the “Matrix” movies sweeps through a hospital emergency room, noting with amazement: “I found software that intrigues me. It appears to be an agent of good.” With the audience's attention focused by the opening drama, voice-over delivers the unique selling proposition: “GE has wired their medical hardware with innovative software to be in many places at the same time using data to connect patients to software to nurses to the right people and machines.” Casting Agent Smith, who's capable of being in many places at the same time, underscores the capabilities of the GE offering and creatively reinforces its brand reputation for innovation. He delivers the payoff near the end of the spot by noting that GE is helping hospitals reduce wait times, or as he puts it: “Now a waiting room is just a room.”
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