CMP launches full-scale data marketing suite

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Last month, business media company CMP Media announced the launch of a new suite of sales lead development and database marketing solutions that harnesses the reach of the CMP Technology Database. The technology database consists of 18 million records spanning the technology market, including hardware and software, channel and enterprise IT.

To support the new suite of products, a new Audience Database Group has been formed within CMP, headed by Bill Amstutz, senior VP-audience marketing and development.

"We're positioning CMP Media not just as a media company but a marketing services company," Amstutz said. "With the push toward ROI, we're a full-service marketing company with a media heritage."

The foundation of the database and the power behind it are CMP's media subscriber lists: print subscribers, e-mail subscribers, online registrants and face-to-face as well as online event attendees. This centralized subscriber database is continually updated and includes extensive demographic information and purchasing psychographics about individuals at millions of Web sites. The database also includes real-time, observed behavior data from across the CMP product suite.

By tracking this information, CMP said, it is better able to help its customers-advertisers-develop qualified sales leads. CMP employs what it calls its "APNR criteria" to deliver sales-ready leads to advertisers. APNR stands for attributes, position, need and readiness.

For example, a lead may have the right "attribute," meaning it is the type of business an advertiser wants to target, and the right "position," meaning the lead's job title

matches the type of executive the advertiser wants to target. At that point, CMP can then determine that prospect's "need" for a particular product or service and their "readiness," meaning where they are in the buying cycle.

Amstutz said that while "it's a little early to say exactly what the audience reaction will be, our vision is that our audience member [the subscriber] is going to say, `I'm glad I gave CMP information about this project I'm working on because they helped me do my job better.' "

"There's a huge need in the market for these kinds of services," Amstutz said. "We can qualify those leads with direct marketing."

That might include telemarketing, he said, especially if the customer is ready to buy. But it might also mean further communication through channels such as direct mail and e-mail to continue to nurture that lead before turning it over to the advertiser. That communication could, for example, take the form of an e-mail promoting a white paper on a particular topic of interest to keep in touch with the customer throughout the buying cycle.

"If we can identify what stage they are in the process, our customers' eyes light up," Amstutz said. "Our leads will be better because of the science and process behind them, and that has resonated with our customers as well."

He said that all-too-often the dynamic among salespeople is that "these leads I got from that media company are junk." To challenge that perception, CMP's database marketing strategy is put into play. "Advertisers are not interested in advertising anymore. They are interested in leads," Amstutz said. M

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