Facebook advertising/marketing: Best metrics, ROI, business value

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Why is it so hard to measure the value of Facebook? How can we do better? And why don't more CMOs spend millions of dollars of budget on Facebook like they might do on AOL, and Bing and the Russian search engine Yandex? These are compelling questions posed by Avinash Kaushik, Google Inc.'s digital marketing evangelist, in one of his typically massive Occam's Razor blog posts. When Kaushik starts thinking about things, he thinks in depth; and this post is no exception. Google and Facebook are rivals, but don't expect an anti-Facebook screed here. Kaushik's observations are essentially solutions-oriented: “CxOs, marketers and analysts don't really understand what is unique about Facebook. (This makes me really sad.) Because of this they fall back on profoundly suboptimal, Old World metrics like reach or online (gross rating point) equivalents. We can do much better.”
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