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Two years ago last month, Forbes Media named Lewis DVorkin chief product officer, a title that put him in charge of the content-creation team, the technologies that support the distribution of content and monitoring its performance, and the end-user experience. In August 2010, began a multiphase move to the WordPress-based platform customized for True/Slant, the website DVorkin founded in 2009. The content management system enables the staff and contributors to be writers, photo editors, video editors and community managers. DVorkin's “new labor model of journalism in the digital/social era” also includes a force of independent contributors that now numbers 1,000. Some contributors are paid a flat monthly fee, plus a bonus for hitting unique visitor targets. Others contributors, who aim to benefit from their visibility on the Forbes platform, work for free. The transformation DVorkin has led “has impacted our business in numerous positive ways,” said Mike Perlis, president-CEO of Forbes Media. He noted that attracted more than 30 million unique visitors in February, almost twice as many as in February 2011. “[Average] time spent on jumped from 1.1 minutes to 4.4 minutes over the same time period, and traffic from social networks has jumped from 2% to almost 20% in the past year,” he added.
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