IDG Enterprise's Premium Data Services enables marketers to retarget online campaigns

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Looking to expand its reach for media buyers and command a larger share of marketers' budgets, IDG Enterprise has introduced Premium Data Services. The software program, rolled out in June, is designed to help technology marketers more precisely target their online advertising campaigns. It combines the advertising technology of the IDG TechNetwork—which features more than 450 tech websites and blogs—with first- and third-party data to profile visitors to IDG Enterprise sites. IDG Enterprise, whose assets include,, and, garnered 25 million page views in July, according to Omniture. “By extending data, what we're now able to provide is a retargeting effort where, when someone comes to our site and then leaves our site and goes somewhere that resides within the IDG TechNetwork, we're able to align our advertisers' messages to that individual as they're traveling across the network,” said Michael Friedenberg, president-CEO of IDG Enterprise. “What that provides the advertiser is additional alignment and allows them a deeper understanding of who they're interacting with and who their ads are aligning with.” To participate in the retargeting program, advertisers must commit 60% of their budgets to IDG Enterprise websites. “You just can't buy the retargeting of our audience without first investing in our premium sites,” Friedenberg said. “By linking those together, that is absolutely essential because in no way would we want to cannibalize our audience.” He added: “The beauty of content is that it really is the starting point—where a user's engagement begins—and then it's a matter of understanding where they go based upon the specific content. But I don't think that content is necessarily now the proxy to understand all audience buying.” Premium Data Services offers two products: Brand Scale and Target Scale. Brand Scale enables marketers to tailor their online advertising campaigns on both IDG Enterprise and IDG TechNetwork sites. For example, they can target users who are interested in a particular facet of technology—such as mobile, security or virtualization—and extend their messages across both advertising venues based on that taxonomy. With Target Scale, marketers can target their ad campaigns based on such third-party data as company size, industry and purchase intent. “We're basically layering on third-party data to extend the reach of the specific audience targets,” Friedenberg said. “That's when we're then able to cut the data based upon demographic and psychographic information, and align that to the individual, or the cookie or the IP address. “You have to understand the premium audience that is coming to your website, how the audience is engaging your brand, and then leverage that in a manner that is productive both for your advertiser and reader, and that's what we're doing.” Since Premium Data Services' debut, IDG Enterprise has tracked a two- to three-times greater click-through rate for technology marketers that are using the program compared with those running traditional marketing campaigns on IDG Enterprise sites, Friedenberg said. “If you're aligning the message to the individual at greater granular detail, that should have greater relevance and that's higher click-through.” Dave Rowe, media director at b-to-b advertising agency Doremus, said he would consider using Premium Data Services for some of his technology clients. “It can assure buyers that, when they're using this targeting technology, they don't have to worry about reaching a less-qualified prospect because it's the exact same people who have visited [IDG Enterprise] websites,” he said. “You're just reaching them in this new environment.”
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