Internet users aware of behaviorally targeted ads

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Burlington, Mass.—Most Internet users are aware of behaviorally targeted ads, tailored to their Web usage, but there is no clear view of how receptive they are to the ads, according to a new study by ad network Burst Media.

According to Burst's study, based on a November online survey of 1,600 Internet users in the U.S., 78.2% of Internet users recall seeing online ads that appeared to be tailored to them, based on their previous online behavior. However, reaction to such ads was mixed. More than one-third (34.2%) of respondents who recall seeing such ads said they dislike them, 27.7% said they like them and 38.1% had no opinion.

However, 47.9% of respondents said they would object to companies tracking and storing non-personally identifiable information about them; 28.4% said they would not mind if a website tracked and stored such information if it meant they would see ads relevant to their interests.

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