LexisNexis announces strategic shift, introduces products

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Oak Brook, Ill.—LexisNexis Monday introduced a line of products, Client Development Solutions, that it says will help customers target clients and pursue new-business opportunities. The move is part of a strategic shift by LexisNexis to offer more marketing-based solutions for its customers rather than focusing primarily on providing content for research purposes.

As part of that shift, it announced two new products: LexisNexis atVantage, a business development tool, and the LexisNexis Corporate Intelligence Subscription for InterAction, a product that combines external information with the company’s existing InterAction CRM product.

LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier, provides research and information solutions to professionals in the academic, accounting, corporate, government, law enforcement, legal and risk management markets.

—Carol Krol

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