Marketers focus on developing original digital content at 'BtoB's' NetMarketing Breakfast

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Chicago—Marketers speaking at BtoB's NetMarketing Breakfast Thursday here said b-to-b marketers need to focus digitally, continuing to develop original content and innovate using multiple platforms.

“We live in exponential times. The rate of change is astronomical, and marketers need to embrace and extend the change,” said Belinda Hudmon, senior director of integrated marketing, broadband at Motorola Solutions. Hudmon said the constant change in technology means “digital is changing the game,” and marketers need to react.

In order to respond to these shifts in marketing, Hudmon said she recommends a three-step approach: Integrate communications across multiple digital platforms, continue to innovate and avoid “analysis paralysis” by acting on information. Hudmon said Motorola's key was to quickly get in a market, test various strategies and be able to heavily invest in successes.

National Starch/Corn Products International also applies testing to its strategies to determine the best route. Marc Green, senior manager-marketing communications, analyzed various subject lines to see which were most effective in an email campaign for a new microsite. After sending and resending the most successful subject line, result showed 23% of emails opened, with a 4.5% total click-through rate and a substantial increase in traffic to the company's website. Green said the goal was to keep the audience engaged and not overwhelmed with too many messages. In addition to an email strategy, Green said he also highly recommends advertising through LinkedIn, citing reduced costs per click.

Richard Castellini, CMO at CareerBuilder, said the company will always use multiple mediums to add content when launching a campaign. “We try to have three or four messages that are consistently tied and drive awareness together. We might have videos followed by direct mail followed by a phone call,” he said. “You need to coordinate each piece and make sure you have a unique message every step of the way.”

With multiple platforms, Castellini said it was important to have content with a voice. “You can't just comment on things; you need to ensure you're bringing something new to the conversation,” he said. “It's all about that continuing conversation and developing original content.”

Thomas Henning, director of corporate marketing at Eastman Chemical Co., said he focuses his efforts on an original message to get closer to the designers. “The key is to keep it simple so designers can understand how to use our products, what materials are, what they do and what the differences are,” he said. “Designers want to design products that tell stories, stories that inform the audience but also inspire.”

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