McGraw-Hill: RCD paid third party to access Dodge database

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New York—McGraw-Hill Cos. has responded to Reed Construction Data's assertions that McGraw-Hill Construction paid third parties to purchase subscriptions to RCD's Reed Connect product, then shared information gleaned from these third parties with the McGraw-Hill Construction sales force.

The assertions are central to RCD's corporate espionage lawsuit against McGraw-Hill Construction, which was filed last year.

In a statement, McGraw-Hill said it “has not admitted that it unlawfully misappropriated Reed's trade secrets or shared Reed's trade secrets with its sales force.”

Additionally, McGraw-Hill said in the statement that it “has learned that Reed hired a consultant to access McGraw-Hill's Dodge database (exactly what Reed's lawsuit accuses McGraw-Hill of doing), and to perform its own comparisons of the two products. Reed's paid consultant also concluded that McGraw-Hill's Dodge product was superior—a fact that Reed never disclosed to its customers or the public. McGraw-Hill intends to establish this in the litigation and once we do so, it will undermine Reed's main claim.”

Reed Construction Data had not responded to a request for comment by deadline.

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