Median prices for adding e-commerce (1998)

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National medians$25,000$60,000$78,000
National lows$8,000$15,000$25,000
National highs$84,600$150,000$575,000


ACME Sprockets isn't all that online in their office, but they want to have some way that their vendors can order parts from them online. They already have a print catalog and they had all their product images put on photo CD. They'll need you to put together a total of about 20 pages about their products, and then one final page where customers can check off which products and how many they want to order and submit the form. The form will then need to be converted to a fax and sent to their office in some sort of presentable form.


Now that Investments R Us has their "Info Tapes" streaming in Real Audio, they want to be able to sell them as well. They'll need something designed as a bridge between their "sample" page and an order form to purchase the tapes. The transaction will need to be secure so that they can take credit card orders.


Blockmonster wants to sell CDs via the Web. They have album covers in a digital format already and track listings in a data base. They'll need some way to generate nice pages on the fly from that database as well as search it by artist or title so customers can find the CDs they want and get a listing and see the cover. Then the customer can click something to add that item to their shopping cart. When they're all done, they can order right online and give their credit card in a secure fashion.

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