Monetizing online video part of latest version of 24/7 Real Media's ad management platform

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24/7 Real Media has periodically rolled out various online tools to enhance its advertising management platform. These tools have ranged from vertical network management to performance tracking functionality. The strategy to introduce new technologies to its ad management platform every quarter is designed to keep abreast of publishers' growing demands to manage their online advertising campaigns more efficiently, said Nicolle Pangis, senior VP-product management, global media and technology at 24/7 Real Media. “If a particular action takes two clicks for the ad ops team today, we will make it one; a task that takes 15 seconds, into five,” she said. The latest iteration for the ad management platform, which debuted in April, is called Open AdStream 11. It features new online video capabilities and enhanced targeting and optimization techniques. The technology also enables publishers to incorporate online video advertising with display ad management and to leverage their CRM systems in display advertising. Open AdStream 11, which is proprietary, is a Web-based technology. There are no hardware requirements for business publishers using the ASP version of the software, Pangis said. Monetizing the delivery of online video ads is a key component of the latest release. Open AdStream 11 supports the Interactive Advertising Bureau VAST 2.0, an update to its digital video ad-serving template that was released last year. “If you're not VAST-compliant, advertisers either won't buy online video advertising or publishers won't be able to display videos appropriately with the reporting metrics that their [advertisers] expect,” Pangis said. Online video advertising continues to capture an increasing portion of marketers' budgets. The medium is expected to grow 45%, to $2.1 billion, in the U.S., this year, according to Barclays Capital. With psychographic targeting from Mindset Media, marketers can target users based on 21 personality traits that drive buyer behavior, such as altruism, creativity and modesty. Other targeting opportunities in Open AdStream 11 include geo-demographic and retargeting. “If you're talking about someone who would drive a Ford pickup truck versus a Mercedes, the way Mindset Media slices the audience, the audience for the Mercedes would be quite different than the audience for a pickup truck,” Pangis said. “Depending on what advertisers are looking for, they can pick the traits that are most relevant for a particular campaign.” The ad platform is constantly updated to provide publishers with the ad inventory showing the highest yield from a revenue perspective. “If there's a cost-for-acquisition campaign that's performing very well or cost-per-click campaign that's performing well, everything gets put into an effective CPM,” Pangis said. “That's a win for the advertisers because they know the campaign is performing well and a win for the publisher.” Publishers that want to leverage their CRM data can “anonymize” their data and target their own user segments based on previous user actions on their websites, Pangis said. “It makes it much easier for publishers to target against the data,” she added. “Previously, it was often quite challenging for publishers to leverage this data easily through targeted display advertising.”
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