Newly launched 24/7 Connect is designed to boost yield for publishers, drive better performance for advertisers

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Too often the world of online display advertising is described as a race to the bottom. With the recent launch of 24/7 Connect, WPP's 24/7 Media is trying to at least slow that descent. 24/7 Connect's goal is to make it easier for high-end advertisers and premium publishers to link up in the digital universe. There's no fear of publishers running low-end ads or advertisers appearing in low-rent advertising districts. “In an ideal world, it raises the yield of publishers and also drives higher performance of the ads at the same time with brand safety and quality,” said Nicolle Pangis, exec VP-product management, global media and technology at 24/7 Real Media. 24/7 Media operates Open AdStream, an online technology platform that serves ads and brings together publishers and advertisers. The new 24/7 Connect offering adds new tools that provide both premium publishers and top-tier advertisers more effective, efficient advertising. 24/7 Connect's new technology is designed to give both publishers and advertisers additional transparency and automation in the sale of digital advertising of various kinds, including display, rich media, video and mobile. “It gives both sides tools that they don't currently have,” Pangis said. For publishers, the technology provides seamless ad management integration through Open AdStream and an easy-to-navigate user interface. It also enables publishers to segment, price and control all types of inventory. For agencies and advertisers, 24/7 Connect is intended to deliver full-service access to premium publisher inventory and audiences. BBN Networks, a b-to-b advertising network that includes brands from business media companies such as ALM, Crain Communications Inc. (publisher of this newsletter), Farm Journal Media and Hanley Wood, uses Open AdStream as its ad serving technology. BBN also uses WPP as a sales channel to reach media buyers. Scott Roulet, senior VP at BBN, said of the new 24/7 Connect technology, “It's about creating connections between publishers and a large volume of advertisers, and doing it in an automated way.” He added that additional transparency is a key advantage for both advertisers and publishers. “Advertisers will be able to see the audience segment and know that it's of a certain caliber because the publisher is a licensee of the OAS [Open AdStream] technology,” he said. “The publishers can know they are going to get a quality advertiser. It isn't intended to be a commodity platform. It brings together premium content providers with premium advertisers.”
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