Number and value of media M&A deals rose in 2004

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New York—Both the number and value of merger and acquisition deals in the media and information industries were up significantly in 2004, according to reports released Monday by two M&A firms.

The number of deals in the sector totaled 394 in 2004 compared with 301 in 2003, a jump of 30.9%, according to media investment bank Jordan, Edmiston Group. The company calculated that the aggregate value of these deals increased 49.7% to $24.1 billion, from $16.1 billion in 2003.

Whitestone Communications tabulated that the number of deals in the publishing, information, and training sector rose 11.8% to 349 in 2004 compared with 312 in 2003. The value of these deals jumped 33.3% to $12.0 billion, from $9.0 billion in 2003.

—Sean Callahan

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