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Supporting live events

Every live event should have a strong Web site supporting it, including:


  • Event registration
  • Calendar
  • List of topics to be covered, including presenters
  • Link to and from main Web site
  • Links to vendors/sponsor.
  • Hotel and travel information

Good to have:

  • Video or podcast introduction
  • Event blog
  • Video of sessions or PowerPoint downloads

Source: BtoB, April 2, 2007

They said it

"Webcasts are good for generating prospects, but there is a lot more to lead generation. Ultimately, the b-to-b sales cycle is not an impulse buy. It's based on the long-term establishment of a relationship."

—Eric Shanfelt, Penton Media senior VP- e-media strategy and development.

Source: BtoB, Oct. 9, 2006

Second Life story

At first glance, the virtual world of Second Life resembles popular videogame The Sims. Residents of the online world use avatars, digital representation of themselves, to interact in much the same way as in a videogame. But on closer inspection, companies have begun to realize its event marketing potential. More than 5 million residents deal in real currency, buy virtual property and offer real goods and services. Companies including Sun Microsystems, IBM Corp., ABN AMRO NV and Saxo Bank have set up shop in-world.

Second Life by the numbers:

  • Population: 5,668,544
  • Residents logged-in during last 60 days: 1,683,013
  • Total area: 441.98 sq. kilometers (as of Feb.)
  • Estimated in-world business owners: 31,929 (March 2007)
  • Local currency: Linden dollar (L$); convertible to $US at
  • Exchange rate: L$270 : US$1
  • U.S. dollars spent in-world in last 24 hours: $1,523,460 (April 18)

Source: Second Life, 4/18 /2007

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