Social media's logical end?

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In a recent post on John Battelle's SearchBlog, the blogger imagines a world where brands are intimately familiar with their customers on an individual level and respond to their social media posts as a matter of course. The post, “We (Will) Live In A Small Big Town,” chronicles a nightmarish flight on United Airlines. Battelle writes, “But the whole experience got me thinking about what it might mean if a brand really had a relationship with each of its customers, leveraged over customer data, social nuance, and intelligent platform technology, and what it might mean if we, collectively as a culture, simply assumed this to be true. And it struck me it'd be a lot like living in a small town - where everyone knows everyone's business, all the time. And if that were true, well, maybe I wouldn't have called out United in the first place, because that would have just been unfriendly. Especially if I knew United was listening.”
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