New tech powers IDG Enterprise's LeadAccel

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In January, IDG Enterprise introduced LeadAccel, a new lead-generation program that provides lead nurturing and scoring, as well as consulting services. To power LeadAccel, all of the technology involved in IDG Enterprise's lead-generation process was replaced or enhanced over a period of several months. This included the asset management system, the registration system, the campaign management system, the email system and all of the reporting and analytics systems, said Gregg Pinsky, senior VP-general manager of online operations at IDG Enterprise. (IDG Enterprise comprises CIO, the CIO Executive Council, Computerworld, CSO, Demo, InfoWorld, ITworld and Network World.) “We came out with LeadAccel to distinguish our position in the marketplace as a premium provider of leads,” Pinsky said. “We track a user's consumption of specific types of content to see what they're consuming, how much and how often. We score leads based on how they are moving through the [various stages of] the buying process and send them different content at different times based on their behaviors.” LeadAccel packages three key services for marketers: 1) An engagement profile for each lead that lists all the topic-specific content that person has accessed, whether it is editorial, the advertiser's content or content from other vendors; 2) an “actionable” score for each lead that combines the goals of the campaign with the prospect's demonstrated interest in the topic; and 3) a plan designed to move prospects through the purchasing process by serving content assets in an ordered sequence until the target score is achieved, at which time the lead is delivered directly into to the client's customer relationship management platform. Because every client has a different way of defining leads, nurturing leads and deciding when the lead is ready to be turned over to the sales team, each one is assigned a lead consultant. These consultants help design the programs, monitor them and provide guidance on how clients can make adjustments during the program to ensure that they achieve their goals. LeadAccel is priced as an add-on to lead-generation programs, which charge on a cost-per-lead (CPL) basis. “Let's say you have 1,000 leads negotiated on the standard CPL price, based on the demographics, and category and so forth. With LeadAccel, we get a fee to nurture every one of those 1,000,” Pinsky said. “Having these systems in place can drive growth through the LeadAccel product, but it is a foundation that can be used in other areas of our business, such as marketing our own events and other products and services,” he added. —M.G.
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