BtoB aims to get global bankers off the telephone and onto its web site

IPOs to research

By Published on . will allow its member banks to do everything from online roadshows for IPOs to bond marketing to equity research over the network. For example, a banker in Hong Kong would be able to target his counterparts in New York, Paris and Milan with a Bangkok steelmaker he is trying to take public. "It gives them a chance to market overseas and a chance to show their skills," Mustafa said.'s executives can help move deals along, both offline and online, through their country-by-country knowledge of regulatory issues, he said.

Conceivably, the network could save money for banks by making it unnecessary to build their own b-to-b Web platforms, said Charles Wendel, president of the Financial Institutions Consulting Group.

While's services are rooted in technology, much of its marketing strategy centers on a distinctly old-school concept -- networking. "A lot of my friends are senior bankers across the Street," Mustafa said.

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