We’ve invested a lot in our newsletter content. How can we maximize our investment?

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Answer: Prospective buyers seek content through all stages of the buying cycle to gain more information on solutions that fit their business needs. Once you have published content in your e-mail newsletter, you have quite a few options to capitalize on it. 

1) Make your content available online. Buyers use the Internet to research and compare purchasing options, and many consider Internet research essential to their ability to do their jobs. First, make your content easy to find on your Web site. Regularly update your search engine keywords and make the keywords as tightly differentiated as possible.  

2) Work with content distribution, or content syndication, networks. These services provide a structured, organized way for buyers to easily find information on solutions and topics as they search online, matching their business requirements to a “short list” of vendors. Content distribution networks aggregate and classify content from thousands of vendors and distribute it through their network of partners, including search engines, industry-specific Web sites, online magazine sites, and professional and industry organization sites.

In addition to providing broader exposure across the Internet for your content, these sites offer lead generation and performance reporting services that help marketers more tightly target and distribute their content.

3) Distribute your newsletter content at industry events as a handout for attendees, or send a link to your content as a follow-up to a Webcast or teleseminar. Links to your content from online advertisements, such as banner or text ads, are another effective way to promote your content and generate clicks to your site. 

4) Pitch your content for inclusion in industry newsletters, both print and e-mail, or to industry editors in order to secure an interview for an upcoming feature article. 

Laurie Hood is VP-marketing for KnowledgeStorm (, an online search resource for technology solutions and information.  

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