Who Has the Most-Aired Ad of the Election So Far? Obama

Romney and Supporters, DNC, Crossroads GPS Round Out Top Five

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The Republican primary contestants are throwing around ad money like a lottery winner in a strip club. But most of those ads, like those seamy single-dollar bills, are forgotten almost overnight as the contestants move on to the next state.

Which ads have been running repeatedly for a long duration during the 2012 election season? According to Kantar Media/CMAG, the five most-aired spots come from Obama for America, the Democratic National Committee, Republican group Crossroads GPS, Mitt Romney and Romney's friends. Notably, the most-aired ad in the GOP primary going after another candidate is "Values" from Romney-friendly Super PAC Restore Our Future. It targets Rick Santorum.

No. 1: "Unprecedented." Obama for America. 6,190 airings.

No. 2: "Shovel Ready." Crossroads GPS. 5,057 airings.

No. 3: "Moral Responsibility." Mitt Romney for President. 5,006 airings (and counting).

No. 4: "Values." Restore Our Future. 4,650 airings (and counting).

No. 5: "14 Months." Democratic National Committee. 4,387 airings.

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